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Bodrum Sworn Translation & Interpretation Services offers affordable solutions almost for all your translation needs. If you have a request or demand for English  sworn – official translation, interpretation, desktop publishing or localisation, you may ask for a quote by using the form on our web site or by contacting us. We provide quality and timely delivery for English translation and interpretation services that you need for any kind of documentations and certificates. We may provide nationally and internationally recognized online and verbal English translation services with our experienced team of English translators at an affordable cost with payment options. You may submit your English translation requests and inquiry for a quote at any time of the day.


English Translations – Interpretations; are carried out by our experts in the field who are either native speakers or 4 years faculty graduates of English studies with 5 to 15 years professional experience. Our daily Turkish – English – Turkish translation speed may vary between 10 to 15 pages. Bodrum Notary Translation & Interpretation Office provides services for English translation – interpretation as outlined below:


● English Written Translation Services

The English translation services provided by Bodrum Sworn Translation & Interpreting Services vary to accommodate different requirements and budgets. The main differences are briefly stated below:


● English Daily Translation (Uncertified Translation)

English – Turkish – English printed document (including computer word processing files) and certificate translation; is an ideal and economic translation solution for texts that do not need any typesetting, localisation and technical specialization with speedy, economic and error free results.

● English Official Sworn Translation (Notarized Translation)

English – Turkish or Turkish – English notarized sworn translation services;

provided for documents to be submitted to government agencies, tender documents, export and import documentations, visa applications and similar official businesses.


● English Specialized Translation (Technical, Legal, Medical Translation)

Provided for documents translated by professionals who are experts in translating documents with technical content such as engineering, medical arts and law. As Bodrum Online Translation Services has a wide ranging portfolio of a translation expertise, it is also capable of providing professional translation services in variety of areas.


● Native English Translation (Interpretation in Primitive Language)

Provided for an advertisement campaign, newspaper articles, company presentations or reports translated directly from English by a native English speaker. As the translator – Interpreter makes the translation into his/her mother tounge, Bodrum Legal Translation & Interpretation Bureau offers a unique opportunity of self control mechanism which is not only detail oriented such as sub-texts but also flawless in grammer and fluent in content.


● English Crosswise Translation

It is a translation service of an English text to another language via turkish (f.i. English Turkish and then TurkishGerman). This is sometimes prefered out of statutory obligation for documents to be notarized in Turkey. These kinds of texts might present a shift in translation and loss of meaning compared to direct translations as they get translated twice. Bodrum Sworn Translation & Interpretation Agent minimizes these kind of problems by quality controlling.

English Web Site Translation and Computer Programs Translations:

Your web pages will be translated to suit your needs in a suitable time by Bodrum

Online Translation Office. We may translate and format your website from

Turkish to English or from English to Turkish to accommodate your needs. We are ready to undertake the challenge of filling the gap of internet and website translation by our competitors as we have a team of translators with web translation experience, with a high experience of English and computer language. If you have an interest in the English market, which is one of the fastest developing economies in the world, you can take advantage of what Bodrum Online Translation Office offers.


● English – Turkish – English Commercial Translation:

Bodrum Official Translation & Interpretation Services offers written translation of tender conditions such as bidding rules and regulations, information, documentation, laws and regulations (by laws) agreements regarding international trade, import and export correspondences, business letters, company presentations, account, trade, meeting records, banking and financing contracts and similar documentations by our expert translators with an excellent experience of English language.

English – Turkish – English Technical Translation:
We, as Bodrum Legal Translation & Interpreting Agent, may realize very quickly the translation of data tables, education materials, catalogs of machines and devices, manuals, service and maintenance brochures with translators not only experts in translation but also equipped with the right kind of technical terminology in related technical areas. Automotive, Automation, Mechatronic, Hydrolic-Pneumatic, Energy, Agriculture, Environment, Engineering, Chemistry, Medical, Economy, Juristic, Textile, Quality Assurance and Quality Managment Systems, Security Systems, Construction Engineering, Cartography and Cadastre, Food, Banking, Maritime, Telecomunication, Software and Computer, Electric, General Electronic, Communication Devices, Construction, Architecture, Various Production Machines, Medical Devices, Air and Land Vehicles and Machines and many similar branches.

English – Turkish – English Medical Translation & Interpretation:
As you might know, the translation of pharmaceutical and medical texts contain some major differences in terms of terminology and language structure compared to technical or judicial translations. When these kinds of texts are translated by the specialized translators of Bodrum Translation & Interpretation Services with complying experience and knowledge, they reflect the original content and meaning. We translate clinical reports, investigations, articles, papers, presentations, brochures of medical and pharmaceutical establishments, licenses and patents of medical products, company presentations of companies selling medical devices  in the fields of Anaesthesia, Biostatistic, Internal Medicine, Dentistry, Toxiology, Diagnostic, Endocrinology, Endoscopy, Pulmanory Diseases, Ophtalmology, Public Health, Cardiology, Mikrobiology, Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Pathology.

English Legal Translation & Interpretation :
The legal translations need a widerange of specialization, expertise and meticulousness. The translations in this field are made by translators of Bodrum Sworn Translation & Interpretation Services specilized in international and Turkish Law and regulations. We provide translation service of Power of Attorney, Official & Legal Correspondences, Law and Regulations, real estate sales/purchase contract, Legal Agreements, Court Documents, Business Offers and Contracts, Documents related to Employers and Employees, General Regulations and Laws, consecutive interpreting before the Courts and similar translation & interpreting services.

English Scientific Academic Translation:
Academic articles and thesis are written in a language of their own. Therefore, the translations should be done appropriately within this content. On the other hand, Academic Translations are very often viewed by a commitee and articles with unsufficient language will be rejected. The request for an academic translation usually come from medical attendants. Here in Bodrum Legal Translation & Interpretation Office, medical translations will be done by physicians to ensure accuracy. We offer services for the translation of articles in chemistry, environment, physicology, sociology, history, books, thesis, research notes and all kinds of information sources.

English Literal Translation & Interpretation :

It is our goal to continue serving in the area of literal translations from English to Turkish and from Turkish to English of articles, poems, novels, scripts and similar literal texts and books. The translation of stories, books, scripts, TV series and film, catalogues, magazines, newspapers, news, law, regulation, homework, presentations, manuals, technical specifications, articles and thesis, programs and many other texts are translated quickly with dedicated staff of Bodrum Notarized Translation & Interpretation Office translators.

● English – Turkish – English Notarized Sworn Translation :
A certain institution may request a translation of your documents not only by a sworn translator but also to be notarized. Bodrum Notary Certified Translation & Interpretation Bureau handles all your documentations such as passports, criminal records, certificates of activity, trade registry gazette, birth certificates, transcript, diploma, driver's licence, documents, of judicial-legal content translated by sworn translators & interpretors, notarized and certified by the related province or borough. Translation of documents by a sworn translator does not affect the cost of translation. As the cost of notarization fluctuates from notary to notary we may not charge any fees depending on the length of the document and the distance of its origin. For the notarized translation of your document, its original is necessary.

● English Simultaneous Interpreting & Translation:
Simultaneous interpretation services are ideal for large scale conferences and meetings with large number of participants. Simultaneous interpreters are not only trained in simultanous interpretation & translation with technical content such as, judicial, medical and literature but also skilled in speaking and listening at the same time, and deliver the translated speech only seconds behind the speaker. Special equipment such as headsets, microphone and a sound booth usually required to transmit simultaneously interpreted speech to listeners. Bodrum Translation & Interpretation Services, will provide simultaneous interpretation solutions to meet clients' specific needs. Simultaneous interpreting is incredibly vigorous work. It is an industry standard that two or more simultaneous interpreters switch off for each language involved. A simultaneous interpreter typicly averages an interpretation equivalent of 65 pages of a written document on a 6 hour day. A simultaneous does not exceed total of 6 hours of interpretation a day. As Bodrum Translation & Interpreting Services, we provide simultaneous translation service at the branches of medical, artistic, legal, academic, technical, literal, social and similar. For a right and healthy interpretation and translation it is necessary to get your demand for a simultaneous translator with special feature and experience before at least 7 to 10 days.
The simultaneous translation service of your meetings, congress and seminars, which is a part of your domestic or abroad business, is realized by the experienced and specialized professional team of the
Bodrum Translation & Interpretation Bureau. The teams of the simultaneous translators of Bodrum Translation & Interpreting Agent are selected among  the translators, who learned the foreign language by living in the related country or by getting language education in the related country. A verbal translation is a complex and versatile duty. The translator has to select simultaneously the correct word without any error. Unfortunately there is no time to correct the error. The translator has to possess following features:

- A large scope of experience
- To possess detailed information about the branch
- To comply cultural preferance at word and expression selection

Wheather for simultanoues interpretation & translation (for big meetings and conferences) or for successive/sequent translation (less small groups), the customer has to trust fully to the translators. To get detailed information about this service you may take contact with
Bodrum Translation & Interpretation Services.


Deciphered English Translation

It is a work to transfer film, video, tv program or the sound records of organisations such as  seminar, meeting and conference to written documents.


● English Editting Translation

It is a work to prime a translated text or document by necessary corrections.


 English Translation:
As Bodrum Legal Translation & Interpretation Office our aim is to give service for the translation demand into English of global companies and enterprises. For this purpose we only work together with experienced and sworn English translators. We apply our standards, the steps of which are defined clearly and the translation procedure is developed by our experience for all translations, if it is 1 page or 100 pages. So we solve your English translation problems quickly and offer the quality with reasonable fees.


The realisation of English translation in Turkish and English is fulfilled by a translator of Bodrum Sworn Translation & Interpretation Services, who has experience of Turkish and English language and makes his/her job as translator uninterrupted and posesses Turkish or English as mother tongue.

The mostly English translation documents are birth certificate translation, certificate of activity translation, birth record translation, pay roll translation, letter - petition translation, trade registry translation, e-mail translation, certificate of incorporation translation, brochure translation, diploma and transcript translation, invoice translation, insurance policy translation, transcript translation, English web site translation, manual translation, contract translation, English passport translation, power of attorney translation, commercial contract (engagement) translation, authorized signature list translation, residence certificate translation and translations of similar documentations.

One page at English translation; To be able to offer you our fee we need to know the delivery time and number of the pages of the documents to be translated. One page is 1000 characters (letters) including spaces.

English Translation and Interpretation Fee: To be able to offer you our fee we need to know the content of your document or text and its terminologic structure. The ontent of the text is based on the characters (letters) of the document. One page is approx. 1000 characters (letters) including spaces.

The completion time of English translation : It depends on the speed of the English translator and the difficulty of the text. An English translator may translate 10.000 - 13.000 characters (letters), that means approx. 10-13 pages daily. So you may evaluate the completion time by considering this information.

Number of English translators: It changes day by day.

Number of English translators/interpreters: It changes day by day.

Notarized or Notary Certified English translation; It is the legalisation of the translated document by the related notary public or notary office. The apostille of the document, which you need to take with you to abroad will be issued free of charge by the district governorate, where the notary office or notary public is located. On request the Bodrum Sworn Translation & Interpretation Services is ready to realise these transactions..

To get a quote and detailed information for your document to be translated in/from English you may send an e-mail to turkeytranslationoffice@gmail.com or you may contact our customer representative by calling our phones +90 538 882 53 07 and +90 252 319 1616

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Bodrum Sworn Translation & Interpretation Services offers affordable solutions almost for all your translation needs. If you have a request or demand for English  sworn – official translation, interpretation, desktop publishing or localisation, you may ask for a quote by using the form on our web site or by contacting us. We provide quality and timely delivery for English translation and interpretation services that you need for any kind of documentations and certificates. We may provide nationally and internationally recognized online and verbal English translation services with our experienced team of English translators at an affordable cost with payment options. You may submit your English translation requests and inquiry for a quote at any time of the day.